Westown Academy GKM II Workshop

On April 13th, Westown Academy received the very first Girl Know More II workshop! As students funneled in to the cafeteria, many were skeptical of the events that would follow. Leading the activities were Dr. Virgina Bishop, Dr. Kia Brown and Ms. Sandra Ortiz. The event began with the discussion of why it is important to have males present for the discussion. This included emphasizing the role that these young men have as "ProvidersPartners and Protectorsin the prevention of STIs and unintended pregnancy.



For the remainder of the workshop, students were informed about some alarming statistics such as, 1 in 4 sexually active teens have a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and how STIs such as HPV can be transmitted.  In addition, the group was broken up into smaller teams and given different scenarios in which they had to discuss the risky behaviors described.  This activity underscored the idea that you may choose your actions but you cannot choose the consequences that may follow.   

Following the workshop, Dr. Brown approached some of the students and asked them what they thought about the workshop. She was surprised to learn that many of them were not were not aware that HPV can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. Most students mentioned that many teens are unaware of the fact that many STIs can be spread without having sexual intercourse.  After attending, we can all agree that if "You Know More you can say No More to HPV!

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  • alicia green
    commented 2016-12-09 12:44:35 -0600
    i learned that having unprotected sex can cause a lot of problems if you are not careful
  • Anonymous
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