Taste of Clemente 2017



When: Saturday, April 29th, 2017 - 7:30 - 11:30 p.m.
Where: St. Paul RCC Hall, 2127 West 22nd Place
Tickets: $50/$60 at door BUY ONLINE

What Would Roberto Clemente Do - If he were living and seeing what little promise there seems to be for poor urban youth?

We like to hear stories about extraordinary kids who make it DESPITE all the adversity that they face day-to-day. What is common in these youth are positive adults who have high expectations for them, who allow them to have experiences where they may achieve or may make a mistake. But these positive people or mentors are there to help them up or to tell them to shake it off and get up. These mentors are there to say I expect you to figure out HOW you can make it despite all the adversity.

Youth Empowering Strategies (YES!) is a program that makes our youth grow and makes them think and poses real life difficult situations for youth to figure out with other youth and adults. YES! teaches youth how to address and what are the best options on how to deal with these situations. These adult supervised age appropriate activities/experiences help determine which kids in adverse situations are able to prosper and grow and contribute positively to their communities. They also allow youth to have hope in other adults.

How can we expect our students to DARE to be more if we do not provide them with programs and experiences that EXPECT them to BE MORE? I think Roberto Clemente would want our youth to be MORE! I think Roberto Clemente would DARE you to do MORE!

Taste of Clemente Silent Auction & Cocktail Reception is our Annual fundraiser for YES! (Youth Empowering Strategies). YES! is a youth health education and advocacy program in Chicago.




Learn more about this year's awardees: Jose A. Zayas, Sol Flores, Juan Colon, Regina Taylor and Dominique Cook.  Follow the link below to read a brief bio. 

Taste Of Clemente Site: 2017 Awardees



Preview some of the amazing artwork that will be available for bidding at this year's fundraiser.  We will be accepting all forms of payment for your convenience.  Follow the link below to see a snapshot of some of the items.

Taste of Clemente Site: 2017 Silent Auction





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