Youth Health Educator Workshops


Two Sundays a month, all of YES! Youth Health Educators attend interactive workshops with topics ranging from Professionalism to Citizens (Hands off) CPR. These opportunities allow us to connect with our peers from other schools as well as to maintain healthy networks with fellow advocates in the community. The purpose of these meetings coincides with the YES! Mission which is "to build an empowering foundation for our community’s youth through their participation in diverse experiences and opportunities.

boardmeeting.jpgIt's fun to attend these meetings because they are always different. One week we could be working on decorating a poster for an upcoming fundraiser and another week we could have a guest speaker teaching us about nutrition and fitness. No matter what we are discussing the staff manages to make it relate to us as teens and they make it interesting as well. Plus we get to make friends at other schools who are passionate about the same things!  These are some of the many reasons why I like to participate with YES!


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