Mythbusting Mondays- "You can't get the vaccine after having sex"

“You can’t get the vaccine after you are sexually active.” – Female, 23


Even if you are sexually active, you should still get the vaccine! If you have one type of HPV, the vaccine can still protect you against many other types of HPV.

Whether you have never had sex, you have had sex with one person or you have had sex with many people—you should still get the vaccine. No matter what, the vaccine may protect you from HPV related infected infections and cancer!


To find out where you can get the HPV vaccine, click here:

Remember, if you are 18 years or old, you do NOT need a parent’s permission to get the vaccine.

For more information about HPV, click here:

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  • Terrell Wolf
    commented 2016-12-08 15:51:56 -0600
    I learned so much about this in my sex Ed class this year
  • Aaliyah Smith
    commented 2016-11-16 08:28:30 -0600
    This is false because you can still get the HPV vaccine even if u are sexually active.

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