How Does the HPV Vaccine Protect Me From Cancer?

In the past few blogs, we’ve covered what kinds of cancers HPV can cause (if you haven't seen them, check here and here). So how does the HPV vaccine work?



The HPV vaccine is made up of virus-like particles (VLPs), which are made up from proteins on the surface of HPV. This may sound crazy- why would we give you parts of the virus when we don’t want you to get the virus?

First of all, VLPs do not cause disease. Viruses such as HPV become infectious and cause disease when their DNA is replicated, which is not part of the vaccine. Without the DNA, these particles have no way of forming the whole virus and, as a result, have no way of causing an infection.

Secondly, exposing your body’s immune system to something that looks like the virus teaches it to respond faster when it sees the real virus, just like you practice sports, dance, or any other hobby to get better at it. The first time the immune system seems a VLP, it reacts slowly. It takes time to realize that this is a foreign substance to the body, and to generate an immune response to get rid of it. However, it remembers what this particle looks like. If you are ever exposed to HPV in the future, your immune system is ready. It will jump into action and…


Good work, immune system.


To read more about how the HPV vaccine works, check out these links: (with video!) (this link also talks about vaccine safety, which will be discussed soon)


To find out where you can get the HPV vaccine, click here:

Remember, if you are 18 years or old, you do NOT need a parent’s permission to get the vaccine.

For more information about HPV, click here:



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  • Luis Garcia
    commented 2016-12-22 15:14:18 -0600
    This information helped me lot better to know about Hpv
  • Juana
    commented 2016-12-22 15:13:06 -0600
    Hpv can be very dangerous.. A friend of mine actually passed away because she didn’t get her shot.!!! 😕 I got my vaccine already
  • jenny gomez
    commented 2016-12-22 15:11:02 -0600
    This program made me understand new things about my body and different type of sti’s and making the right decisions
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    This program helped me understand and learn new things about my body, STI’s and smart decisions to make.
  • Sade Phillips
    commented 2016-12-08 15:58:21 -0600
    Can Hpv be related to herpes? 😳 Or be mistaken for it 🤔
  • janardia jackson
    commented 2016-12-08 14:05:51 -0600
    Amazing.I would love to learn more about this!

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