Westown Academy GKM II Workshop

On April 13th, Westown Academy received the very first Girl Know More II workshop! As students funneled in to the cafeteria, many were skeptical of the events that would follow. Leading the activities were Dr. Virgina Bishop, Dr. Kia Brown and Ms. Sandra Ortiz. The event began with the discussion of why it is important to have males present for the discussion. This included emphasizing the role that these young men have as "ProvidersPartners and Protectorsin the prevention of STIs and unintended pregnancy.



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Girl Know More II: Increasing HPV Awareness and Vaccination Rates in Urban Youth


YES! Is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant for increasing HPV and HPV vaccine awareness in the Humboldt Park community!  This project titled Girl Know More II, is a replication of a public health education and marketing campaign that targeted African-American girls on the Southside of Chicago.  YES! is expanding this study to include both boys and girls in the Northwest communities that we operate.

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