Mythbusting Mondays- "There's No Chance I'll Get It"

“If there was a reasonable risk of acquiring HPV, I’d get the vaccine.” – Male, 23

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How Does the HPV Vaccine Protect Me From Cancer?

In the past few blogs, we’ve covered what kinds of cancers HPV can cause (if you haven't seen them, check here and here). So how does the HPV vaccine work?



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Mythbusting Mondays- "It Makes You Promiscuous"

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Let's jump right into our next myth:


“If you get the vaccine, you’ll become more promiscuous and be encouraged to have more sex with more partners.” – Female, 24

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Can HPV Cause Other Kinds of Cancer?

Yes! HPV is associated with several other cancers that affect both men and women. Infections can occur in many different parts of the body, depending on the types of sexual contact that you have, such as oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex.

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Mythbusting Mondays: "It's Dangerous"

“I remember hearing that it could damage your reproductive system.” – Female, 23

“The HPV vaccine has more side effects and is more dangerous than other vaccines.” – Female, 22


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